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What does STR-Talent stand for?


Family at a Beach
Computer Repair


Hands together


Refreshing Juices


Call us what you want, we just make it
Simple To Recruit

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Who We Are

We are Sincere Trustworthy Reliable professionals with over 20+ years of experience in Straightforward Talent Resourcing, doing the simple basics everyday. 

Reaching a Deal
Happy Businessman
Working Together

Our focus is to put a smile on your face, with all your
Sourcing Troubles Resolved

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What We Do

STR-Talent - Perm              Finding you new employees 

STR-Talent - Contract        Finding you short term assistance

STR-Talent - Solutions       Any tailored service to simplify your hiring

No gimmicks just 
Specialized Technical Recruiting

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What People Say

It doesn't matter what we say we can do, we find Success Through Relationships, so it's more important what people say we actually do:

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Want To Partner With Us?

Friendly Handshake
Friendly Handshake
Friendly Handshake

STR-Talent Client Partners

Small or large, local or nationwide, 1 vacancy or recruiting campaign, we will find candidates for even your difficult roles

STR-Talent Candidate Partners

You are not just another body to us. We want to find your perfect career fit and for you to enjoy the process

STR-Talent Recruiter Partners

Ready to be your own boss?  Let's chat to see if becoming a STR-Talent Recruiter Partner works for you

All Partners are equal to us and all will receive a 
Service That's Refreshing

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Contact Us

07377 797550

And of course we are always happy to meet you at your offices

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